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“It is more than fitness:
With Dee it is more about your mindset, personal growth and spirituality all combined with fitness” . – Dee Mago

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“I Lost 4 lbs in 4 weeks while running my two businesses with little time to myself. Dee provided me with easy and simple workouts to fit my schedule. It’s helped me increase my energy to get ahead in my business.”







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About dee

Holistic Personal Trainer | Healer | Author

Dee mission is to be the catalyst for 144.000 conscious awaken individuals aiming to increase vitality, energy and get their sexy back to elevate the vibration of our planet now!

Dee was born a rebel, a troublemaker, and a disruptor of many concepts, she is ready to disrupt the fitness industry. She is ready to help you bring the gap between health, fitness, and overall wellness, knowing that biggest issue is lack of time, energy and procrastination being the biggest challenge. This is your time to elevate yourself, get your power back and elevate the energy of humanity – the time is now!

As a single mom, entrepreneur and very social individual she knows how to help you to put it all together with 30 minutes a week of fitness, simplify your cooking by bringing more nutrition to your meals and most important remove your blockage of procrastination.

She is a certified Personal trainer, healthy eating coach, reiki master and sound wellness practitioner.  She helps her clients combining her knowledge in fitness, nutrition and her intuition to support them with the mindset and healing.

About Dee
Dee is a Qualified Personal Trainer.

What is the cost of procrastinating on your health?

Say YES to your health now!

1.- Transform your body with short workouts a day

No more long workouts and little results, Dee’s training is a researched based program that allow you to tone, have more energy and vitality in 30 minutes a week

2.- Be part of a community of rebels that believe in freedom and health 

You are not alone in the world full of procrastination, lack of energy, stress and not having time to do what serves your body. Community means accountability, means support, means connection with others like you

3.- Transform the way how you see fitness by healing yourself

Exercise will energize you to help you do more of the things you love to do with your family and friends, increase performance in your business, most importantly will be the entry point to improve your sleep, motivate you to enhance food choices and start the process of healing your emotions or trauma.

Work with the Dee who is changing fitness as we know it. Become part of the human transformation.

This is what you will get when you experience The Dee-5 system of holistic health:

  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • More organization with food/meals
  • Muscle toning
  • Able to manage stress easier
  • Emotional release
Dee-5 system of holistic health
Fitness Trainer